Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation


​​”The Don Oliver” was founded in 1996 to honour the memory of New Zealand champion and Olympic weightlifter – and proud Westie – Don Oliver.

The founders wanted to perpetuate Don’s work with young people and established the foundation to provide scholarships for promising young Westie athletes 0 in any sport – who had te results and the x factor that said they could go on to national and even international honours.

The athletes have to be aged between their 14th birthday and their 21st birthday and their permanent home must be in the area New Windsor to Kumeu.

I was honoured to be asked to become a trustee of the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation (DOYSF). My role on the board is one of marketing and profile awareness.

Putting together a new web site with content already available we now have a professional and interactive platform for our sponsors to use and our youth to connect with. Setting up social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter for exposure and utilising Instagram, Pinterest and other social platforms to raise awareness of DOYSF and brands supporting us.

The next goal is to help the athletes with their own profiles and help them to utilise social media for their benefit. Becoming a mentor in online media and self promotion is my aim in the future.

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