AvantiPlus Waitakere / Westgate


We are proud to be the hub of West Auckland cycling community. We cater for everyone, from road racers and avid mountain bikers, to commuters and local BMX riders. We are committed to assisting in and improving your cycling through a range of services including rides, spin classes, free workshop nights, skill seminars, practical sessions and many more! Together with local clubs and councils we try to make Waitakere a better place for cyclists.

We work hard to deliver you the very best service, product range and value in Auckland. With thousands of products in stock and many more readily available, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. And if we can’t get something in NZ, we will source it from overseas or make it for you.

Working with an amazing team we aim for a welcoming professional service and expertise in cycling that are second to none. Being part of a large group we are limited to our reach in the market place but we aim to keep a very loyal client base.

We do this by providing a professional bike fit service. Right bike, right fit and right price.

I like this piece that has come out in our brand guidelines.

At AvantiPlus we don’t just sell bikes.
We sell freedom.
We help kids grin excitedly from ear to ear as
they un-wrap their first two-wheeler.
We help create that special moment between father
and son when balance is finally mastered (albeit with
some scraped knees along the way).
We help inspire the sense of pride that comes as
riders prepare their equipment and their bodies, for
the next leg burning race. And we’re at the finish line
cheering them on too.
We’re there to fuel the relentless pursuit of
excellence that one day may lead to gold.
We’re the pat on the back as a weekend warrior
scans the horizon after a long ride they never
thought they could do.

We can turn 49-year-olds into nine-year-olds as they
speed through puddles, wind on their face and feet
in the air. WooooHOOOOOO!!!!
We shape the lives of our athletes and our staff.
And in this busy world we help people achieve a bit
of balance, keeping them fit and healthy.
We can change lives for the better, ours and our
customers, whether they’re enthusiasts or novices.
And by doing all this we make the crazy journey of
life an even more amazing ride.
Because, when it comes down to it, the reason we
do it all is because we simply love to ride.
And that’s why, for all of us at AvantiPlus, we will
never just sell bikes…

We sell bikes for life!


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