What is community?

For me community is anywhere or anything that people are interacting together in some way, shape or form.

My local community is West Auckland which isn’t really dictated by the boundaries set by councils but is more set by the people that live in that community. I feel at home and comfortable in West Auckland and I am not ashamed to say that it didn’t start that way.

‘Westies’ have a nature all of our own. We are not shy about letting you know how we feel and we like things to be straight up!  Working in a restaurant I saw this a lot and also saw ‘outsiders’ (really staff members who were used to working in the city) struggle to deal with members of the local community.

I am involved in triathlon and cycling which are both community’s of their own. Then I am heavily involved in these codes in West Auckland by working with both Waitakere Triathlon and Multisport Club as well as Department of Cycling.

Waitakere Tri Club

Waitakere Tri Club

Department of Cycling

Department of Cycling

I am also proud to be a trustee of Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation which is a West Auckland based project aimed at helping pre elite athletes based in the area.

Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation Logo

Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation

For me community is about the people around me and I enjoy being a part of my community and helping in any way I can to make it better.

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