Race Week is Busy Man!!

With only a few days to go until my second attempt at the Ironman New Zealand the realisation of the msgnitude of the race has hit again.  There is just so much stuff to think about to make this race go smoothly.

Race week
Monday – Day off training and daddy daughter day.  You may think it would be relaxing, it wasn’t but the best day of the week for me. 
Tuesday – quick 40 minutes on the bike followed by a 20 minute run. That was the easy bit.  It was then time to clean, service and fine tune the price of equipment that slowly becomes part of you over race day.  The bike! 

The Pure Black beauty


sparkling clean

With the Black Beauty sparkling and race ready it was time to head home and do some chores before packing for the weekend ahead. 
Wednesday – a last visit to the shop for final race nutrition, a spare tubular tyre and last minute banter from the team then back home to wait for my ride, filling time with small chores (folding nappies and the like.  WOW! Who would have thought?)
1pm the call comes in and time to load up the truck and travel down with Bryan, one of the Three Coaching crew!  
Arriving in Taupo around 6pm to an amazing spot, thanks to regular customers and fellow athletes Andrew and Mike. 

Thursday – wake up at the a reasonable hour to go for my first dip in the lake this week, what a chore (he says with a hint of sarcasm) I have to walk out my bedroom door and take 25 steps to the waters edge!  Leave my towel and kit on the beach as there is no one else using it and take a casual 22 minute swim out in the clear blue waters.  Aaaaahh! 
Then it was on to check in, a quick trip around the expo centre to sort out goggles and catch up with a few people on the stands.  Thank you Triathletes Corner for hooking me up with some sweet goggles.  When it came time to pay my card wouldn’t work, slightly embarrassing for me but quick as a flash Emma (legend and far better to hug than Jason BTW) check my points on their loyalty system and gave me the goggles at no charge!  “Points cover it Alan”. 
If you are reading this don’t tell Nina about that last bit, she might start asking how much I actually spent to earn enough points. 


After coffee and more catch up in town it was time to head back to the house to ready the bags and take the bikes out for a spin to make sure all is well.  
This was tough!  A 40 minute cruise ride at an average of 32 kph felt like I was pushing the bike up hill the whole way.  I checked the bike over and nothing wrong with it so it must just be me feeling a little under the weather a few days out, all will be well on race day.  I hope! 
Pasta party and race briefing at the events centre in the evening which was far quicker than last time I did it, we actually left before it was dark!  Was also great to be able to catch up with a few of the others from the crew, Brian ‘living the dream’ Farrell looking stronger than ever.
Friday is rack the bike day and race bag check in,  I am sure there will be a bit more expo wondering but then it’s time to get into back to the room and watch movies for the rest of the day.  Can’t wait! 
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the start line on Saturday and hope that all competitors and family have enjoyed a busy race week and are ready to rock n roll!

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