Its all coming together.

“In Ben we trust” is a statement that I had made quite regularly last time I went through this journey to the Ironman New Zealand start line and I say it again “In Ben we trust” (yes I went with ‘the journey’)

This time, the journey has been a little quieter due to the fact that any spare moments I had last time to write have been spent with #babyparry in the lead up to #IMNZ2015.  Mostly everything else has been the same,

  • lawns are getting out of hand
  • housework is left to Nina (I am so lucky to have such a supportive wife)
  • work colleagues have suffered with constant brainfarts due to training fatigue
  • friends have spoken to my answerphone more than me

This time round Ben (coach) had to put up with a few more restrictions on my training programme with alternate days off in the week and my schedule being a little more rigid than in previous years but he managed it really well with me able to complete 95% of training sessions set out.  The other 5% were missed through bad luck more than any planning issues too.

  1. Running injury in calf muscles due to lack of stretching (which I was told to do on more than one occasion)
  2. Falling off my motorbike and aggravating nerves and soft tissue in the leg.

Even with these issues and a less than stellar running build up I feel like I am actually ready to hit the ground running (did you like that) and the training session below from Saturday explains why.  The aim of the session is to simulate the ride on race day with nutrition, perceived effort, heart rate and distance with a 40minute run to see how the legs react.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.41.22 pm

Stats from 180km TT effort.

The ride was awesome!   2 laps of a 90km circuit with 965m of climbing in each lap on an out and back course.  More climbing than race day but road surfaces to match that of the road to Reparoa and back.

I started the first lap in Zone 2 and 3 (heart rate between 60-75%) and I am pleased that I managed to hold myself back in that range for the whole 90km.   The second lap became a little more difficult to control myself.  As soon as I hit the Dairy Flat road I could sense Bryan (training partner for the day and Ben coached too) up the road and the chase was on.  Also, the new bike I am on just screams to be ridden fast.  Zone 4 and 4.5 were see a quite a few occasions.

After a good ear-bashing (from myself) and 40km of it, I slowed things down a little and managed to reserve some energy for the run.  Super excited about a 31.1km/h average for that course.

40 minute run off the bike

40 minute run off the bike

After a few minutes replacing fluids and getting changed we were off on the run which actually started off at a slow jog / fast walk, just as is planned for race day.  Even starting off in this manner I managed to go far to quick for my own ability, only this time I stopped myself 30 seconds into the run and not when my body failed, collapse and curled into the fetal position.  40 minutes went really well and I felt like I could keep it going all day.  To find the average pace was 5.47/km was a huge bonus.

If you had asked me 4 weeks ago how I thought Ironman would go this time around, the response would have been “I’ll get through it”  “hopefully better than last time” “we’ll see how it goes.”

Ask me now?

“In Ben we trust!  Bring it on!”


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