Black Sands Triathlon Group session

Saturday mornings have been reserved for the Department of Cycling rides of late with housework on the weekend off.   This weekend I had the car for the morning and Black Sands Triathlon Club had a ‘Splash n Dash’ training session on at West Wave.

Arriving at 7.25am with 10 others and 2 lanes booked I could feel the buzz in the air.  A quick chat with another lane of triathletes getting their workout done and it was time to jump in the water for the start of our 2.5km session.

The Swim start

Starting out with 200m choice warm up, nice and steady.  300m breathing every 3,5,7,9 on rotation was next as hypoxic part of the warm up.

100m into the set Ben shouts out to move over a lane, “we need to take 3” 19 swimmers in the pool for the session and the buzz was amazing.   Main set up next 10 X 200’s on 3.30.  1 and 5 fast and the rest steady.  Starting at the front of the lane felt great for the first 200 until I realized young Harry (who I used to leave in my wake) had gotten a lot quicker.  He could take the front for the rest…

Black Sands Triathlon Club splash and dash post swim briefing.

Black Sands post swim brief.

We finished the swim at 8.30, jumped out of the pool and congregated out the front of West Wave for the ‘Dash’ part of the session.   What was really cool about this was that everyone was welcome, no matter the ability.  We had a couple of swimmers not make it out for the run and head for coffee instead, one went for a ride for the hour session and another who was on a long run in his program.  The rest of us did a 1km warm up run to Tui Glen where we got into some dynamic stretching before starting an interval session.  After running through 4 stretches under Ben’s watchful eye we started the main part of the run set.

  • 2 X 400m at 5km pace (1min 34sec/ 400m for my first)
  • 3 X 400m at the same pace (1min 38sec each lap this time)
  • 4 X 400m at the same pace (1min 38sec each)

Was super stoked to have completed the laps at the same pace although I had to slow it up a bit after the first set, the lack of running over the past month definitely showed.

To finish off there was an easy 2.5km for those who wanted to finish short and 5km for those that wanted a little more. (and a walk back to West Wave for anyone who wanted to finish up)

The morning finished off nicely with a coffee up at Sierra on Lincoln Road and most of adults in the run crew made it up there along with others who had the long run or a ride instead.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the session this morning with everyone there to learn, train and have fun.  Such a supportive environment to be involved in and I can’t wait for the ocean swims to start next week where we will get to enjoy similar session but in the open water.

Check out the web site for all of the Black Sands Triathlon Club sessions and how you could be involved in the newest Tri NZ affiliated club.

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