Running angry hurts – but the anger has gone…

Angry is probably a bit strong to use, probably disappointed is a better way to describe the feeling.  Tonight I organized an event for one of the projects I work on and invited one of my good friends to speak at the event but unfortunately I had to cancel due to lack of attendance.

Luckily my friend is very understanding and actually joined me for the run after shooting home to throw down a little nutrition and grab the pavement pounders!  Planned today was actually an easy run but due to missing my 45 minutes yesterday with 3 1600m efforts I decided to do that today.  (after consultation with the coach of course.)

We head out the door at 7.10pm, leaving the AvantiPlus Waitakere / Department of Cycling spin class to their sweat pouring, gut wrenching  and laughter filled session and ran ourselves down Lincoln Road at a comfortable 5min 10sec /km pace.  The 2km length of Lincoln Road, taking us to Henderson Park was to be our 10 minute warm up before the efforts.

First effort, my friend kindly offered to be my ‘pace donkey’ and hold me to 4min 40sec /km, the pace seems fast but I hold on to his shoulder.  3 minutes in and I can feel my lungs burning a little but its sustainable.  Running through Henderson Park with the lights out, probably due to the recent storm, is not the most pleasant run but all I can think about is keeping one foot in front of the other fast enough to hold onto that shoulder which seems to keep creeping away from me.

5 minutes in and I am puffing like a 70 year old 2 pack a day smoker who has just jumped off an exercycle in a steam room. Sweat pouring and hoping for this effort to end soon I hear “We only have about 400m to go” followed a moment later by a buzz from my trusty Garmin.

WHAT?  That buzz means we have only covered 1km and there are 600m to go. “I don’t know if I will survive”  but survive I do!  STOP!  This first effort was probably 80m short but I didn’t care.

45 minutes with efforts

A minutes rest and into effort 2.  Running back to our start point “going this way is downhill, I normally feel a lot better going back this way” comes from the trusty shoulder to my right.  I didn’t feel any easier to me.

6 minutes later and the same result for me except I looked at the pace on my trusty wrist monitor and found we had been running 4min 30sec pace and not the 4.40 we had agreed.  Thanks Donkey

Nothing really to report on the last effort except for the slow in pace to reflect the original plan and more of the same pain.  The run back to the store, a 10 minute warm down, felt more like Survival, the Lincoln Road edition and I had to slow the pace to a slow jog for the last km but when we got back the disappointment was not so big in my mind.

Well worth the pain of the run!

Thank you to my running partner for putting me through my paces.

Ben – Please forgive me for allowing my heart rate to perform as below.


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