Beginning of the road

Well, not quite the beginning of the road as I have been training for the past couple of months but my l recent youtube browsing prompted my last post and jolted me into action on my blog.

I had mentioned that I would keep everyone informed on my progress in the lead up to Ironman New Zealand (IMNZ) 2015 and that I will but there have been quite a few more distractions this time around.  Never mind those though, this is where it begins.

Getting ‘the team’ back together again has been the easy part.  In actual fact they have always been there, its just that I am visiting them a little more often again.

Ben of Three Coaching has put together a program to get me run fit and injury free as this was part of my problem last time round and the big aim this year for my running is the Legend Marathon in September (more to come on that soon).  In the picture below you can see my new Training Peaks calendar from the beginning of April with highlighted areas the planned sessions Ben has sent through.  The colors represent how I performed in those sessions.

Green:- Finished the session in the guidelines set by the coad

Orange:- Finished the session but outside the guidelines (tie based for me)

Red:- Did not complete the session.


As you can see, I haven’t been the golden-child this time round but considering the new addition to the family I don’t think its too bad.

I have managed to catch up with Craig of Hobsonville Physio a couple of times and thankfully not because I am injured but because he has helped out with a video on bike fit which should be released pretty soon.  As well as that I have been doing a little filming with him to create an informative promotional video for his business too.   I am pretty sure I will be in to see him for other niggles over the next few months though.

Jeff, Catherine and the team from AvantiPlus Waitakere I see everyday but they have been keeping me on the bike.  Working at the shop provides me with enough excuses to get out on the bike any opportunity so I try not to pass any up!

So at the moment, its running, running and running with a bit of bike, swim and reporting thrown in but with the developments at home and out and about I am sure its going to get more exciting over the coming weeks.  I look forward to keeping you posted.

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