Tougher training this time round

4 weeks ago Ben (Three Coaching) uploading the start of my training plan to Training Peaks for the long road to Ironman 2015 and thankfully the start looked pretty casual compared to my expectations.

Over our Wednesday morning post swim session coffee one morning we had discussed a rough plan for the year which looks something like this

and maybe some small races in between.

With the short term focus on the marathon Ben has planned only the run to make sure I get there injury free and considering there has been little (actually NO) running over the last year we had to start slowly.  SO Slowly….  2 weeks of 3 X 20 minute runs and 2 weeks of 3 X 25 minute runs with most of those including drills too.

The first run back was a bit of a sufferfest and I blame it on pride.  Planned was a 20 minute easy pace run just to see how the legs would hold up.  Taking my trusty Garmin with me to keep an eye on pace my brain automatically kicked into pacing.


Average heart rate for the 20 minutes was 175 and the pace per km went from 4min 50sec to 5 min 10 sec in the last km.  BAD BOY Alan!

20 minute first run back by alanparrynz at Garmin Connect - DetailsSince then Ben has made sure I have kept the heart rate below 165bpm throughout the run.

When it comes to the training I will always push myself too hard on a few sessions, that’s just in my nature but I am finding it tougher this time round because of the addition to our family.

Isabel playing peekaboo!

Isabel playing peekaboo!

Isabel #babyparry Parry has been around since August 2013 and what an amazing addition she is.  Anyone who is a parent will agree to this (and those that aren’t please don’t think I am being harsh), children are the biggest time wasters out.  Forget about Facebook, Twitter, computer games or anything else you may have thought would waste your time…. Children win hands down.

Every night I get home from work as quickly as I can and plan to spend at least an hour with her playing, talking, walking and just getting to know my baby girl.  Then, if I have training or any other work to get on with I will do it after.  Inevitably I end up on my computer at 2am trying to finish off some work or getting the running shoes on at 9pm just to make sure I get a session in or, worst case scenario, flagging it altogether.  Its become a conundrum but I will not give up my time with Isabel so I will just have to figure it out.

This is the work / life balance that everyone has told me about, I have a feeling I need a bigger set of scales…


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