Here we go again

On Saturday 1st March 2014 I was privileged to be a spectator at the 30th New Zealand Ironman in Taupo and what an eye opener it was.

Race start in Taupo

Race start in Taupo

6.00am we had awoken, dressed, packed Isabel and nephew Noah into the car and rushed down to the start line where we just got to see the elite start followed a few minutes later by the mass start age groupers. After and hour we watched the swimmers exit the water and take the long run up the green mat to transition and I was happy to see all the athletes I had contact with throughout the year, either through the bike shop or training sessions, exit the water in respectable times to start the long bike leg.

After a bit of discussion about where to view the bike, back to the room to have breakfast for 45minutes, pack the car with all the stuff we would need to stay out the rest of the day we were back on the Taupo / Napier road just in time to watch most of the athletes start their final 90km lap of the bike course. It was amazing to see how fresh a lot of the athletes looked and inspirational to see some of the body shapes and abilities riding a bike, never mind the fact they were riding 180km that day. Back into the car to the run course to set up camp for the rest of the day and start watching the elites come through on their first lap.

What a day. 18 hours of running around, cheering, clapping and motivating turns out to be even more draining than (what I remember) actually doing the event but, from the moment the gun went in the morning, I could feel the desire to be on that course again and it re-affirmed my decision to do Ironman New Zealand 2015!

Now, 4 weeks later, the entries have opened and (luckily for me) haven’t sold out yet! The desire to compete hasn’t subsided and Ben (Three Coaching) is keen to get me there again so it means the fund raising needs to start to get the entry in and training can continue.

I am lucky enough to have amazing boss’ in Jeff and Cat at Avantiplus Waitakere who, as soon as I mentioned it, offered me some money to cover a portion of my entry fee, Thank You!!

I then put a note out on Twitter that I was on my way to the event next year and had a reply from Pauline Stockhausen that she would sponsor my butt, again towards my entry fee so I am well on my way to cover the $815 needed to enter.

There is still a large portion of the entry fee to cover though and, as it happens, there is also a large portion of my body uncovered. Now, from what I have been told, my butt is the most desirable part of my body and I have sold this off already but I am willing to sell other portions to anyone who would like to sponsor / donate some funds towards the entry fee or the journey to the main event. I worked it out a few years ago that to get to the start line of IMNZ from scratch it would cost someone in excess of $12,000 and I thought I would show you what my costs are looking like this year

  • Bike – $4500 (already sorted thanks to A+ Waitakere)
  • Running gear – 4 pairs of shoes – $200 each
  • Swimming
    • Wetsuit – $600
    • West Wave membership – $350 for the year (swim training 3 sessions per week)
    • Three Coaching swim sessions – $40 per month
  • Nutrition – $25 per week (averaged over the year and thanks to A+ Waitakere or it would be a lot more)
  • Physio / Massage – $40 per month (thanks to Hobsonville Physio)
  • Entry fee – $815
  • Accommodation for 4 nights for the event – $70 per night ($280)

Total – $9425.

So if we take off the bike we are still looking at close to $5000 for the year to get there which is quite a sum and again, this is only because I am being regularly supported by such a great crew at Avantiplus, Hobsonville Physio and Three coaching otherwise it would be a lot more.

If you or your business are keen to help out with a portion of the entry fee please get in touch and I am happy to negotiate logos on my site along with body parts on race day as well as training gear. I am hoping to put in my entry before the end of April

So, I have started on the road to IMNZ 2015 with some great support and I will take you all through the highs and (hopefully very few) lows on that road.

Here we go again!!!

Bring it on!

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