Love the Rain!

The title is probably a little misleading but I have to say I did enjoy the ride this morning.  The usual Sunday ride for Department of Cycling left the shop at 7.30 as planned this morning in a light drizzle. 

The crew this morning was led by Jeff Webb, one of the originals from the club and owner at Avantiplus Waitakere, who is a great ride leader and always makes sure the whole crew is well looked after.  We rolled along at a leisurely pace, with Jeff at the front and the weather held until we hit the roadworks at Old North Road.  We stopped at some roadwork lights that were part of a three-way junction and that’s when the heavens really opened.  If we thought we were riding in rain before, we were wrong. 

It came from every direction, at some points it felt like it was coming from the ground (which isn’t as far fetched as it sounds when you are riding in a bunch).   Image

I can only imagine what people in the cars passing were thinking.  “Mad buggers”  “WTF?”

It only lasted 20 minutes then we were riding in clear air again.  Riding past Riverhead forest I could see the Total Sport Team setting up for the Xterra run series and felt a little sorry for the conditions they would have to deal with.   Turns out the run was hard but a lot of fun.  Check out blog by Super Generic Girl.

We all stayed pretty steady as a group until we were about 10km form home when we started to roll out at pace.  The pace was steady at 34kph most of the way back and we dropped one rider at around the 5k to go. (normally there is a release point in our ride where we tend to raise the pace.)

BUnch RIding Tips - Rolling out in the bunch.

Thanks to for the pic


The final 3kms were intense.  I managed to sit on the front for quite a bit of Swanson Road then the start of Universal Drive pushing the pace up to 48kph and seeing if the rest could stick with me.  They did and even managed to role over the top of me before the end.

A great ride and at the end it feels like a victory for us as we managed to beat the rain and apply rule number 5.

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