First Tuesday Night Run Squad with Three Coaching

Since ironman I have had quite a few small burst efforts for training sessions and had planned on doing the ITU race on 7th April so Ben had put a plan together for me.   Plans have changed as the entry for the race was slightly too expensive after just finishing the adventure that was.  

The plan now is to do the Panasonic People’s Triathlon on 21st April and have it as my final hit out for the season which should be fun as it is a drafting race and I am enjoying the cycle racing atmosphere at the moment.   Ben has kindly offered to change my plan for me, yet again, (thanks Ben you are a legend) and the last 4 Tuesday night run sessions could be on that plan. 

Tonight was my first.  

On my original plan I had 40 minutes on the bike with six 30second hill efforts with full recovery which I decided to do on my cyclocross beast in Craigavon Park where the run sessions would take place.  After a quick 10 minute warm up getting there it was time for the efforts which I did on the gravel track around the inner circle of the park.  It was awesome having to smash myself on the bills whilst still trying to keep the wheels side down!! 

Next was a catch up with the boys and quick 5 minute warm up jog before we started into drills.  

A big thing about these sessions is teaching you how to run properly.  Not just for speed but also for smooth running technique, efficiency, power and injury prevention.  These drills that Ben makes us do are all there to make our running easier on the body and ultimately faster over distance. 

We did calf stretches, hamstring stretches, balancing supremany type things, side stepping, stride outs and cadence efforts.   All of these I had done before but being run through them again not only reinstated the drills in my mind but also showed me that I have picked up some bad habits again (and in only a short space of time since my last technique session with Ben) 

My cadence was ok but there were areas that were areas that needed improvement.  The cool thing is that Ben is there to point them out straight away and you can adjust instantly and be told you have corrected it otherwise you are just guessing you have it right. 

The ‘main set’ (swimming terminology) was some 90%efforts.  First we did two 200m efforts to the corner in our circuit which I completed in 1.15 and 1.18 respectively with full recovery between then we had two 700m efforts which I followed Lee as he had the pace we needed locked in and we completed them both in 2.24.  (Lee really is a metronome)  If you think the times don’t make sense it’s because the terrain is mostly downhill after the 200m mark. 

We then did one last 200m effort to finish off.   Ben did the 200m efforts with us and on the last one lee thought it would be fun to try take Ben on half way through the effort.   When I first saw him start upping his pace I thought I would chase but realised we were only half way through so let him go.  Well I am glad I did because he felt the burn a few seconds later and I passed him about 10m before we stopped.   “It was just like fast and the furious” lee panted.  

To finish off we had some drills in our warm down and group stretching.  It was a great session and I hope Ben puts them in the plan as I know it’s going to help my run out immensely.    Also part of joining the group you get a training plan. 

If I had started when the sessions had actually begun it would have included a build to all the Panasonic People’s triathlons with 3 run sessions per week one of which was the run squad and some helpful training tips at the bottom with Ben’s contact number for any questions. 

I knew my coach was good but seeing this was awesome.   

In Ben we trust!! 


If you want to get in touch with Ben just jump on Facebook Three Coaching and you are welcome to join the last 3 run sessions.  After these sessions finish there will be a wind trainer class beginning of which I will post details.  (I have done some wind trainer sessions with him in the past and can tell you now they are well worth it) 


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