My first day in Taupo

As I arrived late I had to get my swim in.  Nina drove me down and took a spot on the beach while I took a dip in a new wetsuit. 

The wetsuit is a British make called zone 3.  It may be a little small for me but once I got a few hundred metres in it didn’t feel too bad.  What I did notice is that there was very little water in the suit and I haven’t got any chaffing from the cuffs at all.

I haven’t checked out the stats yet but should be alright.  I am glad I took a half hour swim today.  I managed to see why I had such a zigzag first leg of the swim at Taupo Half ironman.   The water heading out is quite a bit choppier in your face than on the way back.  This means that the first 2km I am probably going to have to increase my stroke rate and rotate a little further when breathing so I don’t suck in half the lake when I need to take in some oxygen (I only found this out after taking a few big gulps today).

Next was a bit of shopping where I saw a couple of other Westies doing the same and then home to cook dinner and relax.  That’s the aim of the next few days, eat and relax;-)