Last visit to Hobsonville Physio

During my massage with Mireille yesterday we found a really sore spot on my knee which was consistent with my ride on Sunday. I booked in with Craig today.
As soon as I walked in it was on the table and prodding on the knee to find the spot and out with the pins. Yes!!
This time I felt a little nip in the knee as he put the pin in and I asked what happened.

When he put the needle in he tries to work it in to a position at the point of connection between the tendon and bone. This is the point that needs to be activated for repair. After a short tingling feeling it just felt like normal.
Craig left me lying on the bed for about 10 minutes checking on me every couple of minutes which was lucky because in his last check I had dozed off!!
Leaving the physio to get the rest of Taupo trip ready I noticed that my knee was a lot better. It could be all in my mind but it still doesn’t hurt so I don’t care 😉
Thanks Craig, Mereille and Debbie for all of your hard work at Hobsonville Physio to keep my body on the bike, in the pool and pounding the pavements.
With 4 days to go your job is done, now it’s my turn.

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