1 week to go! Swim Bike Run Saturday.

First off was a 30 minute swim in the pool at race pace.

My aim was to complete 40 lengths 2km in the 30 minutes.  I figure that if I can swim 2kmin 30 minutes in a 50m pool with no wet suit I should be able to do about 54minutes in the open water with a wetsuit.

Well I completed the 40 lengths in 30min 15 seconds so I should be able to hit my target!  Yay, 

Next was a 90 minute bike ride from the shop.  This turned into slghtly less so I would make it back to work with plenty of time to get ready for 9.15am.  The ride was good though and I didn’t push too hard.  There were 2 by 20 minute efforts at high zone 2 on the heart rate to be carried out on flat terrain.  These efforts were pretty good although I did struggle to keep the heart rate steady at the beginning of the efforts. 

Finally it was the run.  30 minutes easy. Great run that felt good throughout and no pains or groans at all.

Overall, with 7 days to go, I feel pretty good with where my fitness is at.  Sure it’s scary, it’s the unknown but so are lots of other things we go through so why worry about it, JUST DO IT!!

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