Thursday Race report TAKE IT EASY!!

Take it easy in capitals because thats what the coach put it. 

I emailed the organisers of timing (Jeff and Catherine) to move down a group for this race to ensure I wouldn’t push hard.  This has become a bit of a bone of contention (moving groups, hence my emailing) but they moved me, on one condition.  As I was moving down in groups I was to look after someone who was moving up a groups fro the first time.

It turned out to be a bit of an interesting race for me.  Started out with group 3 but it wasn’t long before the pace was getting a bit much on the hills for our new to group person so we started to hang back with one other.  Once we caught our breath though we managed to pick up the pace a bit and dropped the other person.  (really it was only the hills that were a struggle.)

Down the back straight my partner for the night took off in front of us at a great pace until we reached the flat and it was my turn to take the front.  We hammered down the back pretty well until we passed the start finish straight where the hill took its toll again. 

On our second climb up to Postance corner we could see the bunches starting to catch us and the only goal was to get past the corner before Allan Postance (yes the corner is named after him as he lives close by) came by at a rate of knots.  We made it with time to spare!!

As we were cruising down the back straight Andrew Sylvester (fellow Ironman training athlete) came flying by us with a train of riders behind him.  I thought we would jump on the train but unfortunately the race had snatched the legs off my partner so we hung back a bit.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t long befoe we were riding at the same pace as the riders who had just passed us but we weren’t able to catch. 

As we headed down the finish straight, my cheeky buddy came out with ‘Oh comon then, lets give it a crack’ and we sprinted for the finish.  I had to win, there was no way he was going to get me after towing him all the way down the back of the course!! 

Great race and a great night with drinks in the Fireplace after.  Drinks for Elliot and Sasha who are leaving AvantiPlus this week to go back to University for the year.  Sorry to see you go guys and look forward to having you back soon.

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