Happy place. Short run and burgerfuel catch up;-)

After work I shot down to West Wave to meet up with Ben, Vinnie and Bryan for our final run session followed by burgerfuel with last run down of items before the big day.
The run itself was a lot of fun with some new drills we hadn’t seen which required coordination some of us lacked and some efforts at pace that felt pretty comfortable really.  After a short stretch and chat about becoming a dad (with 2 fathers in the group I listened intently) it was time to eat.

I am so glad we had this catch up and not just because it was burgerfuel although this did help get the brain matter working.   Ben went over quite a lot for us but here are the things I took from it

  • eat lots from now until the big day (I am not going to say no to that) unfortunately not chocolates and bad things but carbohydrates, low GI foods and good fatty foods I.e avocados and nuts
  • cleared up the mayhem of transition 1.  We get out of the water, collect our T1 bag and head to tent.  Get changed, bag suit up and head to pick up bike.  Helmet on un-rack bike and head onto course
  • new drafting rules for ironman New Zealand.  Take note.  10 x 3m drafting box.  (10 long 3 wide) 20 seconds to pass through space of rider in front so should be riding 10% faster.  If you are caught 4 min penalty in next penalty box.  They are being very strict on this (and so they should, in my opinion). 
  • T2 mayhem.  I have finally sorted out the order I think I am going to ask things.  Explanation: in T2 you have a helper who picks up your bag for you and site you Jan chair.  They dump your stuff on the ground and ask you what you want.  For me it will be 1. Towel (to dry my feet and rub off debris) 2. Clean socks 3. Running shoes.  4. Nutrition gels and bar 5. Straws (to carry with me to take on fluid on run) 6. Chamois cream (for the rubby bits) 
  • how to take on nutrition during the run and fill run time.  When I see an aid station it’s my cue to take on nutrition of some sort then water to wash off, fluid to drink and pick up gel/nutrition to take on board at next station. They should be 15 minutes apart.

There was more about what to do over the coming 10days but I will write about it as it happens.

Thanks Ben for taking the time to train with us and have a catch up (thank you Amy for allowing us to steal your husband for the night)

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