Massage and Bike Ride, all in a days work

Today was my day off work this week so I had booked in a massage, needed after the bike ride on Saturday. (Read here) At 10am I was booked in to see Mireille Sitters of Hobsonville Physiotherapy, same place I go to see Craig (physio). The idea of the session this morning was to work on my IT Band which is a band of tough fibres that run down the outside of your upper leg. When you do a lot of running or cycling (or both in my case) and you don’t stretch this part of your body as well as you could then it tightens up considerably.

As this band tightens it doesn’t flow as easily over the knee joint and starts to cause friction. This is normally known as runners knee. This is not something that should be self diagnosed and a physiotherapist should be consulted (I have booked myself in for tomorrow morning) but you can help keep this area loose in the mean time with some gentle stretches and massage. Be warned, massage of the IT band can be painful (and normally is) as I found out this morning. Sorry to everyone in the clinic who had to listen to me squeal like a girl, but I did walk out of there feeling really good and the leg felt pretty loose.

I had a 90 minute bike on the cards for today so I organised with Jeff of AvantiPlus Waitakere to check my cleat position on the bike to make sure I wasn’t putting any extra pressure on the area in question.

After a few changes it was time to test it out. The knee felt fantastic but I did feel it near the end starting to tighten a little. I got home and started on the roller and golf balls to stretch off straight away.

I just hope that it didn’t cause too much damage and Craig isn’t going to tell me off in the morning;-)

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