Christmas Day, A Special Day, with Special Training

My Christmas Day plans started 2 days before with an extra shift being taken on the mussel fritter van at speedway on Christmas Eve, this took place of my key session of a 3 hour run. I spoke to Nina and a decision was made to run on Christmas morning. (I later found out I was not the only one)

I spoke to Andrew the day before and he had a 2 hour run session planned for the morning too so it was on. I woke to morning drizzle and the sky looking like it was going to continue so it was going to be an interesting run. 6am out the door and on the road to meet Andrew, to be the first person I would wish a Merry Christmas. I arrived at work to fin a text from Andrew that he would not be able to make it as the nephews and nieces had woken early and it was present time. I haven’t told Andrew this but that text was a little hard to read, not because it was a let down but because it was raining and a little miserable but because I pictured people opening presents in a warm dry living room whilst I was out pounding the pavement. Nevermind, it was money in the bank for Ironman.

30 minutes done I decided to run a 1hour course we do from the shop, down Lincoln road, follow the stream to Henderson valley road then back again. Doing laps is boring but it is exactly what I need to get used to as Ironman run is a 3 lap course this year. 2 hours later and 2 laps down I just had a half lap to go. The outward leg of this part was probably the hardest run I have had in years, legs hurting, mind tired and thinking of presents in a warm living room, I was not in the happiest of places. The leg home however was awesome, almost done, not long to go, managed to bank another 30km for the training. Rocking!!

Next on my Christmas Day was a community lunch. This had been organised a family very close to us. The Teleiai Clan. Isaac, Jacob and Isaiah (the boys) had all worked for us at the restaurant at some point and we have become very close to the whole family. Who wouldn’t when you have some form in shaping all the children’s lives in their teenage years (hopefully for the better)

Nina had been down at Zeal from 8.30am getting the roast on and cooking all the vegetables with a brigade of helpers setting up the tables and helping with the cooking. Luckily there were enough people willing to donate their time on Christmas morning which allowed me to do my training.

I got down there at 11am to help with serving. War an awesome event, we ended up serving around 50 people, including ourselves, and everyone was greatly appreciative of the community support. We had a few families, a few “street dwellers” and some that just didn’t have any family to join for lunch. It was a great experience and we hope to be able to do e same next year with a lot more people attending.

Next on the agenda was a visit to Log’s place for afternoon tea. (Father-in-law). This was the usual last stop on Christmas but this time we had changed plans remember. So a drink with pops and presents with a little more food (nothing goes to waste around me at the moment) and it was time to head off to dinner with Mom (Alice, my mother-in-law) at Barolo in The Langham.

The dinner was awesome, 6 courses of fantastic food with great company and more presents;-). The only problem with the dinner was my eyelids……. they didn’t want to stay open;-) I gues that’s tobe expected after a 6am start to a special Christmas Day with special training;-)

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