Busy Pool makes for Interesting Training

OK! The pool wasn't quite as busy as the picture below but it certainly felt a little cramped at times.


Plan was to do 10 x 400m at just below ironman race pace (1min 28sec per 100m) and it started well in the main pool with the first 3 sets going according to plan. In the last set I could see the lane ropes being removed around me and was quickly ushered into the leisure pool next door once this set was finished, being assured the lanes would be set up there.

It took a few minutes but I eventually started back into a rhythm again. Half way through the 5th set I was stopped in try tracks by someone who had looked at the lads swimming furiously up and down the pool and was obviously inspired to join us, the only problem was, he couldn't swim.

Now, I remember what it was like to be the slow person in the lane so I never get upset, I just swim around and keep going trying not to be rude. I only just realised that not saying anything is probably just as rude but at the same time I thought to myself “there are plenty of signs explaining the lane situation on the side of the pool and it is quite obvious that the person swimming like a fish (me) is probably going to lap a slower swimmer a few times so get in another lane”

Anyway, I will think on that a little more but I did manage to finish my session, all be it with some split sets, and it was all well worth it in the end.

It was also great to see some of the ladies of the Haliday Clan in the hot pools tonight and great to see Sue looking so well and enjoying the heat of the spa. Sue, you were in my mind a lot for the session tonight and kept me inspired to keep the pace on. Thank you.

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