The Best Ride So Far.

The ride this morning started from the shop and took in a physio appointment (the shin splints are coming along nicely by the way but it will still be quite a few weeks of nursing the legs.) It was because of the shin splints that Ben changed the original plan.

Today turned into

  • 3.5 hours on the bike with 4 X 30 minute efforts in Aero position at 70 cadence in high zone 2 heart rate.

Sounds confusing but its really simple once you get used to it.  The point of the session is to build strength in the legs at an aerobic level at the same time as getting me used to the aero position.

Cameron Brown in the Aero Position.

This ride was so cool because

  1. It was a long way and looks like I travelled from one side of NZ to the other
  2. I managed the aero position for the efforts.
  3. I finally got the aerobic work at 70 cadence which I have struggled with for so long
  4. I averaged 30.8kph for the ride, which is completely awesome for me for a ride of this distance.

The 30 minute run after wasn’t so pleasing but didn’t detract from the awesome ride.  Bring on Taupo in a couple of weeks.

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