Saturday 25km run heehaw!

Heehaw is the sound of a donkey because that’s what I felt like 18km into the session.

I am not sure what I am meant to be feeling but it was tough.

The plan was 25km 2 hour session as
2km warm up

3 sets of
1km 4.45pace
2km 4.30 pace
1km 4.15 pace
2km 4.30 pace
1km 4.45 pace

Finished off with a 2km warm down

Started off pretty well and managed the first set as planned.  Second set started to feel really tough and by the time the third set came around…… Forget it!  There are 3 factors at I can see for feeling like this (remembering that as I write this I actually haven’t reviewed the data so I am only going by feel)
1- It was hot!  I was really suffering in the heat by 9.45am
2- Fuel could have been an issue again.  I took a gel but no breakfast (I know I am going to get into trouble from Ben for that)
3- Lack of sleep (when Nina reads this I will get the “I told you so, go to bed!!!”

It may be that I am just not ready for those paces in a long run yet but I really think I am capable of that.  This time I had my heart rate monitor on so Ben can really review the data and adjust the running plan accordingly.  Sorry Ben for not having it on for the last couple of weeks, I know how tough it is to do your job blind and I didn’t really mean what I posted on Facebook!

Will let you all know what the result is after we have reviewed the all important garmin information but here is the run below.


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