4km Swim felt poos :-(

What a let down the swim was this morning.

Getting in the water I felt fine but I knew that I hadn’t really eaten enough so I was probably not going to be at my best but I didn’t think I was going to feel so bad.

Session started well with a warm up of hypoxic 25s then paddles and Sucky rubber band went ok too!  Still don’t like the paddles.  400 easy back stroke was cool then it was 3/4 catch up time…… hard.

I had made a mistake with the timings I was meant to be going on so it felt a lot harder than it needed to be then it was time for 10 X 200m on 3.05 easy.  I have a feeling that mentally I couldn’t push myslf hard enough to make the times I should have been making.

Feeling a bit stink through the day because of the swim and got too busy in the evening to do the planned run so had to call Ben for a bit of advice on whether to get the run done tomorrow or not.

Great talking to him as he put my mind at ease with the training and said that I could do the run tomorrow. (only because the run is the big goal at the moment.) He also put my mind at ease about my swimming saying that this is a build block and I will be much faster by the end of the block.  

Thanks Ben, I felt a lot better after the phone call and checking the swim stats afterwards I saw that it wasn’t quite as bad as I felt it was!

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