4km swim followed by 1 hour run finished in a stunning park.

Day off work today meant a much needed lie in for me after a massive ride yesterday.   A bit of housework under the belt (tick to keeping better half happy) and it was off to the pool for my days training.

Spotted one of my mates, Matt, up at the weights section in the gym and gave a wave which turned into this post on Facebook  [[posterous-content:pid___0]]Matts a good dude and manages the Zeal cafe next to the pools.  “One day we need to get out and surf brother!!” 

Good job the picture was taken early in the session because if it was taken a little later you may have seen me sinking.  Was a good session though and I was glad to keep all of the 100s under 1min 30sec.  The first 200 was on 2.38 which was awesome for me.

Next came the run.  I really wanted to run after the swim as the last time I tried it it didn’t go so well and I wanted to ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak.

Well, this is where yesterdays ride took its toll.  It was to be a 1 hour run with 8km of it at 4min 35sec pace.  If you look at the km splits you will see that from the second through the ninth km it was a quick pace and it works out at 4.36 pace.  Yuss!!

The last 3km my legs felt like lead weights and I just had to push through.  Ben, you haven’t broken me yet!!  HAHAHAH!!

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