4 hours on a bike, could have been 5.

What an awesome morning!  As usual I woke up a little late but still managed to get out of the door almost on time.  Last night I looked up a route to get myself a good 2.5 hours before I joined up with the bunch ride at Avanti, it was going to be awesome but when I started to get ready this morning I realised I had left my spare tube and pump at work.  DOH!!

The map went out the window and a quick ride to work was in order, pick up my stuff and get back on the road with a modified route.  CO2 and tube picked up, a quick gel induced and it was back on the road.  Looked at the clock and 12 minutes done of 4 hours, this was going to be a long morning.

My first hill, Birdwood Road, was done in the dark (for the first time too) and half way up the hill I saw a little poodle on the side of the road, who thought he had been snapped on his sneaky trip out of the garden bacause as soon as the light hit him, he darted up the road and snuck back into the next open gate.  It still makes me smile seeing a little white fluff ball dart off in the distant, dim shine of the nightlite!

Next was a text message from Andrew,

“Yup. Late. which way you headed from the shop? Top of triangle?”

Oh, Crap!!  I had said I was going to meet Andrew and 6.30 and do 3 hours with him.  Reply went back and around I turned to head back to triangle road.  (BTW he is only going to find that out if he reads this blog)  On the way back I looked over Auckland as the sun was coming over the horizon.


What a stunning morning.

We headed up the Old North Road and little did I know I was going to end up in Helenseville then Parakai.   Wow!

I always thought they were so far away from Auckland as it always seemed an age to drive there but cycling, didn’t seem so far.  Well, until we were running late for opening the shop, then it felt like a lifetime away.

It wasn’t really until we hit the roundabout at Helensville that we really realised that we were running a little late.   Quite a strange feeling really.  I am in the habit, if I have work, I plan to be back at work with 30minutes to spare and if I am any earlier I do a loop around to fill the time.  This time we miles away from anywhere and there was no way of getting back any quicker, except for pedalling faster.

Thankfully Andrew is a machine on the bike and sat on the front for the hour from Helesville and kept us humming along above 30kph. We made it back to his house at 9.50am a quick rush to load the bike up, a lift to work and I was only 4 minutes late to open the shop.  (thanks for holding the fort Jenna.)

Overall result was a great ride on roads that are very similar to Taupo Ironman roads and an average speed over 115km that I never expected.  Thanks again Andrew!

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