The lost weekend.

I just had an amazing weekend, even though the training got ‘lost’ on both days.

After my fantastic 5km time trial on Friday I was starting to feel a little sick on Saturday morning.  I had made it into work so I could pick up my bike for training but just couldn’t face the 1 hour easy I had to do so decided I would rather do the 2.5 hours on Sunday properly.   Little did I know that Sunday was going to be a no go!!!

Saturday night we had a very good friend’s 50th birthday we were attending at a new functions venue near the airport, Abbeyville  Estate.   I have elaborated a little more in my foodie blog but let’s just say, the bus from sky city was accompanied with a ‘slippery nipple’ shooter and entry to the party was another shot…. of tequila and the evening finished off with a little lie down in a hot spa pool followed by a couple of journeys in a car I don’t quite remember. 

Needless to say, Sunday became a write off, in fact, I only saw three hours of Sunday in total and none of that was training.

So, being such a wreck, the training never got done.  I have to say I am glad I never pushed myself to get out there on Sunday, I even slept in for my swim on Monday morning so the body must ahve been screaming for rest.

Since speaking with Ben and explaining my Garmin’s lack of activity I found that alcohol not only dehydrates the body but also stops the body recovering properly from training.  (I am going to research that a little more for a future blog.)

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