Mahusive Day leave 5.15am get home 9.30pm

I have done bigger days at the restaurant but today was particularly big due to the physical exertion along with all the changes in responsibilities. (not as glamorous as it sounds)

Starting with a bike ride to work to pick up the lock so I could secure my cycle outside the pool then taking the WTMC swim Squad.  I have a feeling they don’t really like me taking the sessions as there always seems to be a bit of groaning, lol!! 

I have no sympathy because I know that as soon as their session is finished I have to get in and smash out a few kms.

As you can see in the piec above, it rocked.  I was trying hard with the paddles but it felt pretty easy then the swim afterwards was quicker.  (have I mentioned how much I love having my Garmin back)

After work it was time for a 20km run.  Tonight I had some company, Andrew Sylvester who just competed in long distance world championship in Spain.  The aim of the session was to stick to 4.50min/km pace and it was awesome to have someone else with me to help keep the pace.

The last 6km was like running through swamp-land but gladly I managed to keep my cadence up.  Andrew even asked if I was having problems breathing, to which I had to reply that ‘no, I just can’t run’

Soon after the run it was time for the WTMC committee meeting which we managed to finish in record time, thanks guys, lift back to work to pick up the bike and ride home.  Once home, there was just enough time to shovel down some dinner and prep my bike stuff for Thursday morning’s ride.

Phew!!  (wipes sweat from brow)  Glad to have completed that day!!

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