Learning my lessons

What a beautiful day it is today!! 

And it would be the perfect day to get out on the bike or even for a run.

Ben’s plan has me doing an optional easy 1 hour ride.  Stress on easy ride and absolutely no more than 1 hour.

The part I am taking out of this is ‘optional‘. 

Last night Nina and I went into Greenhithe to send off Jacob and Rachel on their big OE (which, by the sounds of it, is a trip of a lifetime, and thats only the first 5 weeks.)  Only having 2 beers the whole night I made sure I was in good nick for this mornings ride but as I was getting myself to sleep I started to feel a dull ache in the head.  Never a good sign.

This morning all felt ok but 2 hours in and I am starting to feel a little worse for wear.   With 50th birthday party ahead of me tonight I feel it would be best to skip the ride (not for the partying, but for the ride and run I have planned tomorrow) and get myself better.

So home it is, lots of vitamin C and a day in front of the Telly under the blanket. 

(Nina, this is a necessity and can’t be avoided, housework is a no go and complete rest is the only option for today!  :-))

As you can see, I am starting to learn my lessons and listening to my body.  To all those out there training on this stunner of a day.  “Enjoy it, I wish I could be there”

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