5km TT on the run

The short run after work on Thursday loosened everything off so I felt pretty good on Friday when I rolled out of bed. The morning didn’t start too well with my ride into work, for early morning training, slept in so it meant my time trial was going to have to be on the run into work. It actually worked out really well for me in the end, as you will see.

The plan was to jog slowly for 1km to warm up then run at a pace I knew I could sustain for 3km and just dig in for the last 2km. 

If you click on the run and view the splits you will see the kilometer times as below:

  1. 3.57
  2. 3.54
  3. 4.41 (Sel Peacock climb)
  4. 4.09
  5. 4.03

I was pretty stoked with this as you can see that the “Digging in” on the last 2km was only 10-15 seconds slower than the first 2km.  What is also pretty cool is, if you look at the grade adjusted pace (calculated adjustment if you were running on flat ground) on the stats, you will see that the pace was really consistant throughout the 5km.  I am not really sure how it’s going to look for Ben but I am pretty sure he will be happy with this.

I did have a little moment with myself near the end.  Believing that I had calculated the distance correctly I was going to stop right outside of work and I should have done just over the 5km needed, and I had pushed myself accordingly.  So, when I pulled out the phone and Strava (a-hole) told me I had only done 4.7km I quickly had to put the running legs back into action and finish off the last 300m hoping that my heart would catch up at some point!!



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