My Blog catches me out!

Last night I posted about my days training and how I had been struggling with the run on a couple of occasions.

“The body felt like a brick with two more bricks for legs but I had to push through.”  from yesterdays blog

My coach, Ben Chidgey, is so good (bad grrr) that 10 minutes after the blog went live I received a phone call from The Lake District (in England) with a relaxed, holidaying coach asking how I was.

I gave him the “all good” answer with a little bit of “feeling a little tired” rubbish but, obviously, he had just read my blog and made sure I knew it too.

He had read the blog and re-adjusted the rest of my week, now thats dedication.

So now I am about to run home (slightly longer than the 20 minutes prescribed, sorry Ben) and tomorrow will be a 40 minute run with a 5km Time Trial, then back to normal for the weekend. 

It’s a bit of a bummer as I was hoping to “give it some” (as coach put it in the plan) tomorrow morning on the shop ride but I do understand what Ben is trying to do.  I haven’t been able to get a good 5k tt in since I started training and the running is the only discipline I haven’t done a test session in yet so it is a necessity to be fresh for it.

As soon as the rain stops I will be heading out!

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