“Coach”, swim, bike, run, work, bike!

That was the order of events today and all went well!!

First was taking the WTMC squad, which I am really enjoying and being able to apply some of the techniques given to us by Simon (proper swim coach) and inter-mingling them with stuff obtained from videos gives me a buzz when people feel the difference in the water.

One of the things I talked about a lot today was the early forearm or high elbow.

It was in my swim after the session that I really focussed on the same thing.  (I even lost count of where I was in my 1km TT because I was focussing it so much) 

The 1km TT was awesome!  I managed to keep a high intensity throughout the set and the stroke didn’t fell like it deteriorated, which it can often do with tiredness.The 1km TT time was 13.37 or 14.27 depending on my count. I think I will take the slower of the 2 as I lost count so I have to suffer the consequence!

Straight after it was out of the pool and cycle to work to start the 20minute run.  The body felt like a brick with two more bricks for legs but I had to push through.  Included in the set was 6 by 30second efforts at best 5km pace.

These sets were to prepare the legs for what is to come tomorrow.  40 minute run in the morning with a 5km TT and 30 minute easy run tomorrow night.

By the way,

I don’t think I am ready!

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