Weekend Fun!

I think that was a bit of a misleading title for this blog because the weekends training was anything but fun.  (I am exaggerating a little as I always have fun when training)

Started out Saturday with 2hours 15 minutes on the bike with 3 efforts of 15 minutes in the TT position.  I was really surprised to see the time that I got back in and the average speed of this ride as it felt so slow.  I am not a fan of grinding it out in a low gear ratio as spinning is more my style (no jokes please)

I managed to get through the day of work but I have a feeling it all caught up with me on Sunday morning.

Alarm clock went off but the body was not willing.  Meaning to head out of the door at 6am I didn’t get out of bed until 6, need to make up some time.   That was not going to happen easily, thats for sure, but I managed to make up a little time in the first 4km.  I met up with Walter (after a much needed stop at the Larnoch Road BP toilet, thanks) and we started on a fantastic run up Birdwood Road. 

The pace slowed a little but the legs still felt the pain and at the 16km mark everything started to hurt.  Luckily the conversation was good and we just kept plodding on.  It wasn’t long before the pain subsided and the end was in sight which wasn’t really any respite as there was a 1 hour bike to follow.  (the only consolation was that it was to be an easy spin)

CRAP!  Thats the only word for the feeling I had during this ride.  It was to be an easy spin and that’s the way I treated it.  Every time it started to hurt I dropped a gear and spun the legs a little quicker with less resistance.

The whole time I felt like I was crawiling and it wasn’t until I got back to the shop that I saw I had covered 28.5km in 1 hour!!  For anyone who is blonde like me and this girl…

…. I managed an average speed of 28.5km per hour, yeehaa!!

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