Another 4km swim under the belt

After last Monday I was feeling a bit nervous about the swim this morning.  I did not want to go through the same feeling again. 

The swim turned out to be awesome!!

First off was a 1500m easy swim which I finished off in 23 minutes and felt pretty fresh at the end of it too. 

Next was the horrible part – 20 X 50m with paddles and rubber band.  This doesn’t sound too bad but you have to swim extra hard to keep the legs afloat with a rubber band sticking them together with no pull buoy to float such heavy limbs.  It was tough.

Then came the best bit of the whole session, only because my times told me that my swim was getting back to something I can be happy with.

10 X 100m building on 1.45.  I managed to keep every 100m under 1min 25secs and the rest was more than enought to recover between each one.  (I bet Ben restricts my rest time now that I have said that, lol!!)

I also managed to catch up with Teresa Adam on the way out of the pool which was awesome as I haven’t seen her for ages.  She is such an amazing athlete and an awesome baker too.

Later it was run and strength training time.

The run felt a little hard but very rewarding on the hill repeats again.

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