Tuesday sessions?

Normally Tuesday is a complete day off for me so You could understand my surprise to see a session on a Tuesday on my rest week.  This was only because I had such easy other days that the sessions on Tuesday were about loosening everything off and staying healthy.

As we had the day off together Nina and I decided to go for a small run together around the “big park” (Waikumete Cemetary) as it’s just across the road.  Most of it was walking but it was good to get a little bit of jogging on my recently healed foot.

Allpositive response from the foot so should be good to run on Thursday with a little more force.

Later in the evening was a 40 minute bike ride, which, I turned into a wind trainer session.  (just a little too cold and dark by the time I thought about it)

If you check out the activity on Strava you can see my cadence hit around 160rpm at a point which I was really stoked with.  I have been struggling to get cadence over 120 comfortably so it is an improvement.



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