Bike Run hardcore!!!!

Being a rest week I seemed to have put my head to sleep as well this week.  I didn’t read the programme properly for today and thought I only had a bike for 40 minutes. 

It turns out I had 40 minutes on the wind trainer and a 40 minute test run too.  Noticing this at 6.30pm put a bit of a spin on the day so it was a rush ride home to jump on the trainer.  Luckily it was a bike so I could use my commute as part of the session then, after a few minutes mucking around with Nina’s computer, it was hard out on the trainer.

Then it was off the bike and straight into the run. Now this was awesome, even if I do say so myself.  Not particularly fast as you will see below but it felt awesome to be running at a steady pace again with no pain.

Music playing and legs turning over at a great cadence.  The core sessions are paying off already with me being able to hold my technique all the way through the run, even when the heart rate was getting up there.


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