All three sports in one day! What is this madness?

Today is the first time I have done all 3 disciplines since my 2010 Auckland Half Ironman.  It was only a tiny run and nowhere near race pace but was a good feeling to get it done!!

First was a 2km swim with two 500m at just below race pace and I was stoked with this.  I managed to keep my the pace for both around the 1min 25/ 100m.  

The swim is definitley coming back!!

Next was a short test run from the pools to work which was a little slow going with my work bag on my back but I stil enjoyed being able to pund the pavement again! 

Pace was around the 5min30 / km which is about the pace I want to be running………. for a full marathon, so I have some work to do.

Once at Avanti, Andrew and Ben rejoined me to get ready for the bike together.  This was going to be a nice easy ride down to Taikata Yacht Club in Te Atatu peninsula to join the bike leg of Waitakere Triathlon Club’s Duathlon training session.  What an awesome ride it was!

We did about 4 laps around the TT course chasing every cyclist that we saw ahead of us and taking our turns on the front to get the efforts in that were needed to complete our training session.

Finishing up at the shop at about 8.45am gave me enought time to grab some coffees before my shift started at 9am. 

Good to be out with the boys again and thanks for the riding songs guys. 

Better get myself off to bed now though as I have a 5am start tomorrow morning and am riding with the coach for a couple of hours too so better be fit and ready!!



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