Loving the swim!!

5.30am wake up call ended up out of bed at 6am and off to the pool.  I have been living in a little luxury lately as Nina has been joining me on the swim mornings so no biking into training.  You may think that it’s not much of a break with it only being 6km to the pools but if you had felt the temperatures over the last few days you would be thankful too.

This morning was just a short 3.6km (haha!  I didn’t believe I would say that on the first day of swimming) being 600 for warm up and warm down and 3 sets of 1km in the middle.

Good little set with 100s in the middle of it going from slow to fast through each 100.  Paddles for the 200s, it was awesome.  Arms are feeling a bit jelly like but nothing to shout home about.

A day of work and then it was off home time for a 1 hour wind trainer session and 30 minute strength session. 

Wind trainer consisted of 4 by 3 minutes zone 3 efforts (HR zone 3) and 4 by 5 minutes high cadence efforts.  Heart rate was pretty good for the zone 3 efforts but the cadence I am finding hard to get.  I was supposed to spin at 120 cadence for 5 minutes but found it hard to get above 115.  Click here for cadence explanation

Straight after this session and a change of clothes it was time for core strength training for 30 minutes.  This consists of 4 repitions of a circuit-training style routine consisting of planks, side planks, t stands, russian twists and wall sits.  30 minutes and a sore stomach later I was ready for dinner. 

Will have to get some thoughts down on paper soon but finding the time with all of this training is dificult.  Next week is an easy week so may have a little more time on my hands to update properly.

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