EASY shop ride

All week I have been talking about this ride at work.  The reason for it is the fact it has to be an EASY ride for me as it says in the programme in CAPITALS “EASY”

I had a chat with Ben after he weekend 2 weeks ago where I had my ride with a TT in the middle and he said that if he put in capitals the work EASY then it is a definite easy session and I need to keep this in mind.  The only reason it says easy is probably because I have a hard weekend ahead. 

Remembering this and chatting to Dan (who also wanted to take it easy) before we left the plan was set.  An easy ride ahead. We were also joined by Reuben from the Waitakere Tri club this morning on his first Friday ride.

What a cool ride.  It was fun, warm, a little cold, a few small efforts but most of all it was an eays ride.  Dan, Reuben and I would stick with the bunch until we felt it was time to take it easy and settled back into our own pace. 

Thanks guys for an awesome ride and thanks Columbus for the breakfast and hot coffee after!!

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