WTMC Swim Squad.

Ben has been trying to get me to go to the squad since I started back in the pool so it was always going to happen.

Waking up in the morning the nerves started already, not being in the pool with everyone for a while meant I had no idea how I would feel swimming in a squad.  I only feel this way because my swimming was always strong and I would always lead the squads I swam in (in my older years.  Some will let you know I was nowhere near as fast in my teenage days) but being a little out of shape would mean I would be at the back of the squad.  Silly, I know.

Anyway, the swim went well and I really enjoyed being back in a squad.  I had the front of my lane for a little while but with the youngster Joel on my toes (man he has got faster in his swimming) I had to give it up which made things a lot easier.  Ben runs a great session too with some good drills and timed swims to keep us on our toes.  He spotted my arm crossing the body under the water which I will have to sort out soon.

It won’t be long until I take the lead off you again Joel!!

BTW. Joel Goodburn is a young athlete from Massey high school who has been doing triathlon for 18 months now.  Keep an eye on this youngster because he got game!!

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