3km in th pool, stroke count!

Early wake up call, get up, get out the door and head to swimming.  Half way through the swim set and I remember its Nina’s birthday. O.oh!!  I had the present already but because in my early morning haze I forgot to put it on her pillow.  Nothing I could do now but get into the training.

This is the first time the Garmin has let me down and it was my fault anyway.  I didn’t put it on to charge properly so by the time I got to the pool it had run out of power. 

This made the swim a little more difficult because I actually had to count the lengths. 

This was the planned set

  • 5 x 100 kick R15
  • 3 x (9 x 50)
    • 1st drill, SC sub 8, hard on 60,
    • 2nd pull on 55,
    • 3rd finz B0 1st lap B3 2nd on 65
  • 800 SC total sub 288 

I really don’t like the kick part but seeing Andrew on the morning he told me that the kick would loosen up the legs after a hard weekend riding.  It did actually work.

It all went to plan except for the fins which I still need to get hold of. 

Swim starting to feel a lot better so I am looking forward to training with the squad on Wednesday morning and Ben coaching.



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