3rd Week training, sadness and inspiration

As I sit here watching “The Lovely Bones” I think back how lucky I am to be able to get out there and train to my hearts content and have someone at home who supports me in everything I do when I know there are people out there who are dealing with the worst things in life.

This might sound a bit dower but it has been a sad and inspiring week all in one.

This week I had surprise visit at the shop from one of good customers from The Falls and now from the bike shop.  He had come in to let me know that his wife had just found out she had unknowingly been battling with cancer and was just informed that it was time to put affairs in order and try to live a quality life for as long as possible.  This was to be between 6 weeks and 6 months.

I have had contact with a lot of people in the restaurant that had to deal with cancer, leukemia as well as other potentially fatal illness.  Through chatting to these wonderful people I found out that most in this situation are positive and inspiring individuals who want to be surrounded with love. 

One person said it quite plainly. ‘I have a huge amount to deal with in my own body and it makes it harder to deal with, with people worrying and fussing all the time.  I just need positive thoughts and to get on with things’

This can be very difficult for family to do as they care too much not to worry about the person they love.  So, I found, the last thing any of these amazing individuals needed was a loud mouthed ‘basil faulty’ type character fluffing around them asking if they were ok.


I decided to try to treat them as I would any other customer and always be bubbly and positive in any interactions. 

This tended to work really well for me and the stories they would tell me about

  • dealing with the treatment
  • dealing with family
  • dealing with peoples reactions
  • moving on in the future

always inspired me to ‘get on with things’.  This was one of the reasons for me challenging myself in sport and pushing the body to its limits.  ‘Just do it’

Sue, lady I mentioned at the beginning, was another one of these inspiring people.  She has only recently found out about her battle and yet she is still dealing with her daily tasks, has a sense of humour and is ‘getting on with it’

We had a laugh about family, friends and the freaky way mother nature works some times.  Sue inspired me with her view / thoughts on the whole thing.

‘I have a feeling of peace and warmth, I feel like I am surrounded by love and…. well… yes.. peace’

Thank you Sue for inspiring me and I am here to support you in any way I can, even if that means getting your husband out of your hair for a day or coming round to enjoy a sneaky baileys with you some time.


Sue has had other tests recently and has found out she may now have 2 years of quality life.  Her husband said “I have just won my lottery”

That brought a tear to my eye.


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