Week 1 of Coached training

If you have read a few of my posts in the past you would have read about preparation being the key to any training programme…..  why didn’t I take my own advice??

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this week but my body is feeling a little worse for ware due to lack of preparation.   There are a few things I could have done to get me ready;

  1. Get in the pool at least a couple of weeks before this week
  2. Have a plan of nutrition for the week
  3. A couple more runs under the belt


Hardest session?

Saturday morning run as the second run of the week and with a bag on my back it hurt a lot.  Also trying to keep heart rate down (which actually saved me) was tough.


Most rewarding session?

First swim on Monday and first time checking out swim metrics on the Garmin.  Was stoked to keep the stroke count down to 17 strokes per length.  Also managed to see where i stood after so long out of the water.


Most informative session?

Thats an easy one, the heart rate max test.  Having done the test on so many other people when I was at college it was good to finally do the test myself and see what my training zones are. 

Not only that, but Ben ran through some running drills with me.  Watching Youtube videos is all good but Ben managed to explain the drill in a way that hasn;t come across on the POSE techneque videos I have seen in the past.  One day I will film him explaining the drill and post.


Just looked at my Garmin stats for the week and I see that there was 9hours training with an average heart rate of 158bpm and a total distance of 118km.  HAHA!  Thats not even 2 thirds of the bike leg!!

Bring on week 2 and more sleep to cope!!

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