Warm gloves helped the Friday ride

Another cold morning was put on for our Friday morning spin and this time I was going to be prepared, well almost.

I brought my shoe covers but couldn’t find my gloves so another purchase was necessary. (lucky i work in a bike shop isn’t it?)  I am so glad I couldn’t find that glove because the ones I bought were AWESOME!!  A new neoprene that provides water proofing and wind proofing which did make my hands sweat a little but at least they were nowhere near as cold as the previous 3 weeks. 


Ride was good and I tried to take it easy as instructed by Ben but  the excitement got to me a couple of times.  1st was when we had a sprint to the wash world coming back into Kumeu and the second on Tunnel hill where I managed 3rd on the Waitakere road climb (now 4th). 

Tomorrow is another run so I just hope the legs recover in time for it.  

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