First day with 2 sessions.

After last nights efforts on the bike with the heart rate test I thought the second 5am wake up call of the week would be a big ask but I must have been so excited because my eyes were open before my first (of 3) alarm went off.  

Up and out the door for my second swim of the week and what a wopper it was.

I still need to work out exactly how to use the Garmin in the pool properly so I get the right laps for each session and it wont take me long.  I need to get some fins so I can do the drills properly as I found my technique was starting to fail me in the longer sets.  (again I will get there)

A full day of work was followed by a 1 hour (easy) run and I managed to get some company in my good friend Walter who I used to run with quite a bit. 

Walter had just had a great run at Huntly Half Marathon 2 weeks previous so I knew I was going to be pulled along by him and I just managed to hold on for the 10km.


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