HR Max Test, OMG!!

Ben (coach) – “Come down next week and do a heart rate test” 

Alan – “Sure, no worrries”  

Ben – “You need a bike, shoes, towel, HR monitor and cadence sensor on the bike”

Alan – “Check to all, see you at 7 on Wednesday night”

Sweet, I am finally going to find out what my maximum heart rate is and what my zones are for training.  This is not a VO2 Max test but is the closest we can get without a laboratory close to hand and finding out our maximum heart rate allows us to calculate our training zones (particularly for running for me)

Above picture from Wikipedia and is simple calculator using your age to calculate HR zones.

So the test consists of riding a bike on a wind trainer with a power meter and gradually increading the power output every 2 minutes and recording heart rate.  There are a few more technical things that need to be done but thats the thrust of it.

Now, I should have remembered from my days of actually running the tests and taking blood samples throughout, that I would have to go through a bit of pain.  Alas, no I didnt remember so as you can see from above I suffered a bit. (click on view details to see the heart rate)

Normally the test runs up to 300 watts but I only managed to reach 280watts which, inittially, I was a little dissappointed in but have come to the conclusion that now I know where I stand and it has given the results we need to continue on with the training. 

Need to get to sleep now as I have another monster swim session in the morning before work.  Loving the 5am start!!

BTW, heart rate is now at 67, Thank god!

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