Week Ending 27.05.12

Feels good to get back into it!!!

I was still feeling the effects of the illness at the beginning of the week but when Duane asked if I was keen for an early morning cycle on Wednesday morning I felt that the body might be up for it again. Unfortunately Duane was a no show due to his monstrous effort at Tuesday night spin but the ride had to be done so off I went.  Read the report here

The big news for this week is that I officially have a coach!!  Ben Chidgey has been coaching for the past year and I have only heard positive things about him from others. I have known Ben for a while but needed to do my due diligence when it came to coaching.  I spoke to a couple of the athletes he coaches at the moment and they said he is approachable and always keeps in contact to keep you on your game.  (exactly what I need because I am a bit of a lazy sod)  I will post a little more about Ben another time.

Thursday night run was made interesting by the fact I had to try keep my heart rate under 155bpm.  This wasn’t part of a programme but seeing my upcoming program meant I would have to get used to it.  I didn’t realise how slow I would have to run to get down to that level and I struggled to keep it low.  I figure that as I get fitter the heart rate will stay lower naturally but only time will tell.

Friday morning ride with the boys was epic.  We had great fun out on the road and even had a guest with us on the day.  Its really cool to get out on the road early morning with your colleagues and see them in a different light.  As you can imagine, all being sporty peeps, there were a few sprint races to lights and hill climbing races (which I won… 😉

Sunday ride before work felt great and I managed to chat with Ron Skelton about his upcoming RAAM challenge.

RAAM (Race Across America) is race that does exactly what it says it does 

  • Start: Oceanside, California – Oceanside Pier 
  • Finish: Annapolis, Maryland – City Dock June 21-25
  • Route: 3000 miles, 170,000 feet of climbing
  • Crosses 12 states, passes through 88 counties and 350 communities

and you have to finish in a 12 day time limit.   If you do the maths that is 250 MILES, over 400 kilometres a day and iRonman Skelton is doing it for the second time!

Check out his web site at http://www.teamironman.co.nz/

Ron Skelton

Read the article on Stuff.

Ron is still looking for a final support person for the race and more donations are always welcome!  Please go to his web site and click the contact me page to get in touch with Ron if there is any way you can help.

Right, time for sleep as I have a swim in the morning.


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