Week Ending 13.05.12

That night it was decided that we had to go out for dinner, the adults only night and it was left to me to choose the restaurant.  As Sid hadn’t had a chance to dine at the Wynyard quarter before he left Ithought it a good idea to try it out and I was interested to see if the Marvel Grill had a chance to improve since the pre world cup shambles I had experienced before.

I have to admit it was a huge improvement.  A load of starters ordered for the table were consumed with anticipation of the main course of meat fest and the main did not dissappoint.  I had the large ribs which turned out to be the size of a philipino child and then proceeded to finish off everyone elses food too.  (probably not the best preparation for the Friday morning ride to come but enjoyable all the same.)

Friday morning ride with the shop boys had a few additions this morning with Dan and Duane joining us together for the first time.  Read report here

As you can see there was very little training this week which is a good thing.  “A good thing??”  I hear you ask.  Nina has been telling me for years to get a bit of balance in life and this week certainly was a leveler, especially when I had to say good bye to the Carruths. 


Next week I will get back into it and I wont even worry about missing some training over the last 2 weeks because they were 2 weeks well worth missing.


How can you not miss these faces??