Day 1 of 16 week programme.

5am wake up call for me this morning, OMG!   I was tryin to get ready for this over the last few weeks with the Friday morning wake ups but I still wasnt prepared enough. 

Preparation is key, not only for racing but for training too.  Its always a good idea to have everything laid out for the next days training the night before, bag packed, clothes to wear, breakfast laid out.  Mine was a banana as I can’t handle too much solid food before swimming.  (the pool may look very ugly if I had muesli)  Also remember you have to eat after the training session. (forgot that one too this morning.)

Eventually getting out of the door, 10 minutes later than planned, I got on my bike in the rain and off I went for my first swim in a few months. 

Now…. maybe this last point should have been explained to my new coach Ben because my session this morning was 2.5km which had to include some stroke count work.  Thats 2500m of hurt box!!

I have to be honest, it wasn’t too bad but I definitley felt it for the rest of the day and I really felt like my stroke was way out of wack.

I am glad the swimming has started and looking forward to the preparation the evening before and the early morning sessions to come.

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