Visit to Hallertau

With the original plan for lunch being, the long awaited visit to, The Tasting Shed being thwarted by the fact they are closed on Monday and Tuesday the discussion began at about the first winery visit of where to eat? 


After a bit of to and fro it was decided that Hallertau would be the best bet for us.
Knowing Michael van de Elzen (founder of Molten Restaurant and presenter of The Food Truck) was consulting to Hallertau was going to make this a very interesting visit. 

On arrival I instantly noticed a change in the main entrance, gone was the cafeteria style set up and in were 2 big coffee tables with couches an a big toy box in the corner for the little ones. We asked if we could be seated so said little one could play without embarrassing parents with noise in a crowded room. The positive response meant that we were already on a winner;-) 

What a perfect setting for us on a Tuesday afternoon and the couches were so comfortable that the boys may have dozed off for a minute, after ordering of course.

As a family of foodies we like to order lots of dishes and share as much as possible, Nina ordering all the vegetarian items and the rest of us sharing the responsibility for the rest. 


Our ideal timings would have been to send dishes as they became ready but this order may have been lost in translation as everything arrived at once. As I mentioned, we like to order lots of dishes so the table quickly filled. Nina had a platter of 3 entrees and a side of potato croquettes and the rest of us had Eye fillet steak, lamb rump, Pork spare ribs and a plate of 3 entrees.

After a few minutes of tasting it was easy to see Michael’s influence in the menu and I could write about each individual dish but that may take me all night and you would be bored in a minute so I am going to give you the top 3 according to the group. 


1. Braised beef croquet on the platter of 3 entrees with the beef so tender it was like they had had the beef slow cooking for a week.
2. Lamb rump skewer and roast vegetables
3. Cauliflower and blue cheese soup and Scallop salsa. These were an equal third because we had to mention both of them.


As I said, there were plenty if other dishes on the table and we would still liked to have ordered more but thankfully we didn’t because there was still desert. We chose to share a white chocolate panacotta and Dutch donuts with salty caramel and cream. Now, the panacotta was beautiful and enjoyed by all, the donuts could have been left to prove a little longer but I loved the salty caramel as did the 2year old niece.

We finished our meals satisfied with the amount we had ordered, the ambience we had experienced and the quality of both the service and food. What was once on my list of “maybe visit if you want a good beer” to “you better go to experience it, even if it is just once”. Awesome experience, thank you.