Thursday 3.5.12

The cold continued this morning (but did I really expect anything else?  

Fingers and ears had gone numb by the time I got to work and then straight into a hot shower meant the fingers woken with a bang!  WTF!  I had not felt that pain since I was a young lad standing my station on a pheasant shoot in Scotand in the middle of winter.  I would be set in a spot for the first 2 hous of a morning until the group got round to me and I got my shot of sloe gin to warm me.  The fingers wouldn’t thaw out until lunch time when we were all sitting round the roaring fire in the gamekeepers bothy!

Jeff – had to make a few more purchases today.  

  1. Quick release mount for 910xt (will photo for end of week update)
  2. Gloves because that was way too cold
  3. Merino wool socks.  Awesome and go with RedRam base layer!

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